Program Description

  It is a social court and is a private club. Knoxville Sports & Social Club does not have any courts for team practices. If the team chooses to practice, they are responsible for finding their own courts.


We know kickball and adult beverages go together; however, alcoholic beverages are illegal at public parks. Please don't bring it to the field; Not only do you risk getting cited by the police, we risk losing access to fields.

Get signed up early and take advantage of the Early Sign Up Discount! 

Any Player That Signs Up After The Regular & Team Deadline Will Receive A Sport Grey (I Signed Up Late) Shirt

 Barefooted or Sandals Only for Sand Volleyball, No Shoes.

NEW FORMAT: 6 on 6 Sand Volleyball. Games are Co-Rec, with rally scoring to 21, best of 3 games wins the match. Each team will play 3 Matches, regardless, and each will count as a win or loss in the Standings.  Games will be held at Badgett Sports Complex, with game times between 6:00 - 9:30PM

  • Sign up by yourself, with a group of friends or whole team
  • Co-ed, over-21 play
  • Official KnoxSSC T-shirt (your uniform for the season!)
  • Outdoors
  • 7 Games Including Playoffs
  • Season Can Be Shortened Due to Continuous Inclement Weather
  • An independent referee for each game.
  • Socializing at the bar or park after the game.
  • Sign up by yourself, with friends or a whole team
  • Drink Responsibly! Know Your Limits, & Don't Drink & Drive!


Program Details
Location: Knoxville, TN - Vine Middle School
Registration Dates:

Now — Feb 20, '17 Early

Feb 21, '17 — Mar 1, '17 Regular & Team Deadline

Mar 2, '17 — Apr 13, '17 Late

Max Teams:16
Team Roster:8 Players Minimum, at least 3 of each gender. No Maximum.
First Game Date:Wednesday, March 22, 2017
Last Game Date:Wednesday, May 10, 2017
Postseason Format:Top 8 teams
Individual Price: Early $46.00Regular & Team Deadline $51.00Late $59.00 (See Refund Policy)
Team Price: Early $46.00 per personRegular & Team Deadline $51.00 per personLate $59.00 per person (See Refund Policy)