Official Slow Pitch Softball Rules



We know kickball and adult beverages go together; however, alcoholic beverages are illegal at public parks. Please don't bring it to the field; Not only do you risk getting cited by the police, we risk losing access to fields.


  1. Team rosters shall include a minimum of 14 players, including at least 4 of each gender on the roster.
  2. The maximum number of players on the field is 10, with at least 3 of each gender.
  3. The minimum number of players on the field is 6.
  4. All players present for a game may be placed in the batting order, but not required if players want to just watch.
  5. All players must be registered with the League to play with the team. Unregistered substitutes are not permitted. A team will suffer a 7 run penalty for an illegal player and that player will be ejected. The captain of the team will also be removed from the game on the first offense, the second offense will result in a two game suspension on the captain. If an illegal player is discovered after the game is over the team playing with the illegal player will be forced to take a forfeit and the victory will go to the opposing team regardless of the game score.
  6. When a team has fewer than the required number of players of a specified gender available, players of one gender may not be substituted for members of another gender. For example, if a team has 10 total players available at game time, but only 2 are female, the team must play short with 9 players.
  7. Fielding teams are required to play catcher and pitcher.
  8. Late Registration: a team may add players to the roster through the Absolute Deadline for each Season.
  9. Season Can Be Shortened Due to Continuous Inclement Weather


Behavior & Conduct On Or At The Fields/Courts/Sponsor Bars




  1. Each game shall be officiated by 2 League-assigned Umpires.
  2. Umpires are responsible for:
    1. Keeping game time.
    2. Keeping score.
    3. Enforcing all game rules.
    4. Tracking all counts and outs.


  1. Games may be played on any slow pitch softball field, fast pitch softball field, little league baseball field or general purpose field with a distance from home plate to the outfield fence of at least 180 feet.
  2. The distance between bases shall be 60 to 65 feet. depending on where we play.
  3. First base shall include a safety base placed to the right; overruns must be made on the safety base.



  1. All equipment required for gameplay, except for gloves, will be provided by the League.
  2. Only single-wall aluminum bats with the ASA 2004 certification that  are permitted.
  3. The ball shall be a 12 inch .52 COR/300 maximum compression softball, regardless of the gender of the batter.
  4. Players must wear their Knoxssc League-Provided T-shirts of the appropriate color for their team.  Beginning after the third week, If more than one person on a team is not wearing their League-provided t-shirt, that team will receive a 2 run penalty for each player beyond one that is not wearing their League shirt.
  5. Steel cleats are prohibited.

Game Clock

  1. Each game shall be completed in no more than 7 innings or 60 Minutes, whichever comes first.
  2. No new inning may begin after 60 minutes; any inning being played after 60 minutes shall be the last inning of the game and it will be played out regardless of score.  Exception: If Home team has already hit the Mercy Rule or hits the Mercy Rule, the game will end when the Mercy Rule hits.  See Mercy Rule below.
  3. In the event of a tied score after the final inning, the game shall be recorded as a tie, except in Playoffs.  In the Playoffs, the previous 3 Batters will start on base with 1 out and teams will play it out. In the playoffs no new inning may begin after 50 minutes.
  4. Season Can Be Shortened Due to Continuous Inclement Weather

Game Start

  1. A coin toss shall determine the home team, who shall choose whether to bat first or field first.


  1. All pitches must be with an underhanded motion.
  2. All pitches must arc between 6 feet and 12 feet; otherwise the pitch shall be considered a "ball."
  3. The strike zone shall be marked with a rubber strike mat placed behind home plate. Contact with either the mat or home plate shall be considered a strike.
  4. The Pitcher's Mound is placed at 46.5 feet on 60 foot base fields.


1. Teams are encouraged to exchange batting orders prior to the start of the game. Any team found batting out of order will receive a 2 out penalty.

2. There must be at least 3 players of each gender in the batting order. If there are fewer than the required number of players of a particular gender, that point in the lineup shall be counted as an out.

  1. Each batter shall start at bat with 1 ball and 1 strike (1 and 1 count).
  2. Foul Ball Limit: Batter shall be called out on the 2nd foul. Regardless of the strike count the second foul will result in the batter being called out.
  3. Bunting is not permitted; bunts shall be counted as foul balls.
  4. No three players of the same gender may bat in a row for the entire order, including between the end and beginning of the order. For example, a team may bat two men followed by one woman followed by two men, but may not bat three men in a row without also taking an out prior to the third man batting.
    1. Exception: A team may bat three players of the same gender in the order, if they are short, but must designate an automatic out before the fourth batter, ala taking an out at least every 9th Batter or however the order is constructed.
    2. Exception: If a team has at least three of each gender in the batting order, but the ratio of men and women is such that the players of a given gender must bat more to complete the lineup, then the lineup may be made in succession with one of the female players batting twice after all the females have batted. Once the batting order is determined it can not be altered. She must bat in those positions every time through the batting order.
    3. The way you establish what girl's turn it is, you must have a guy's list and a girl's list example below:


    1. Each team shall be limited to a maximum of 2 over-the-fence home runs per game. Subsequent home runs shall be called an out.


    1. Stealing bases and leading off bases is illegal. A player who was leading the base prior to the hit shall be called out.
    2. Sliding at first base is illegal. A player who slides at first base shall be called out. Runners must use the safety base.
    3. Pinch running is permitted at 1st, 2nd and 3rd base provided the pinch runner is of the same gender. The runner who was substituted for shall be removed permanently from the game. Pinch running at bat is not permitted.


    1. When a batter has been awarded 4 balls called, the batter shall walk:
      1. To 1st base, if the batter is female or if the batter is male and followed in the batting order by another male.
      2. To 2nd base, if the batter is male and is followed in the batting order by a female.
    2. A female who is batting behind a walked male batter must bat.


    1. Game Times Will Be Shortened during the playoffs, no new inning can begin after 50 minutes. If an inning is playing at the 50 minute mark that inning will be allowed the time required to conclude.

    Mercy Rule

    1. The inning shall advance when a team scores 7 Runs in the Inning. The Mercy Rule shall be called and the Inning advanced immediately upon scoring the 7th Run.  The Mercy Rule advances the inning, it does not immediately end the game unless a team is down by more than 7 going into the 7th Inning, more than 14 going into the 6th Inning, or more than 21 going into the 5th Inning.


    1. Teams must be ready to play and meet game start requirements at the posted game time. Any team not ready to play at this time will receive a 5 minute grace period.  At 5 minutes, the team short on players will start down 5-0.  At 10 Minutes, the team short on players will start down 10-0.  At 15 minutes the game is called at 15-0.
    2. If neither team is ready to play, both teams shall forfeit.

    Cancellation Policy

    1. Email And Facebook is primarily used to inform participants of canceled games due to inclement weather and field conditions.  These cancellation decisions typically don't occur before 3pm the day of the game. Participants should always assume their game is being played as scheduled unless they hear otherwise.
    2. Knoxville Sports & Social Club will make all efforts to reschedule up 2 weeks of games per season due to weather related cancellations.  Any cancellations after that, may not be made up due to time and scheduling constraints.


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