Program Description

4th of July Themed Capture the Flag.  The Flags will be USA, State of Tennessee, among others!  No better way to kick of the 4th of July Weekend for those in town!

All who are interested in playing will be accommodated (including any friends you want to bring). If you decide to come at the last minute, just RSVP and come to the appointed meeting place. More players are always welcome. 

If you can't come, please remember to indicate that : )

Please pass along suggestions for game locations. They should involve ups and downs, there should be cover, falls should not be too dangerous. 

Here’s some information for those unfamiliar with the game.


Two-Four teams. Two-Four territories. Two-Four flags. Typically there is a neutral zone that serves as a no man’s land right in between the two territories.

The Game

Flags will need to be put in plain-view and will have a circle painted around a Circle with a 10-12 foot radius that defenders can not go in (this prevents defenders from literally standing over the flag).

Split into attacker and defender groups within your team. Attackers and defenders can switch roles as needed.

If you are an attacker, attempt to sneak across the border, find and capture the enemy flag, and then race back without being caught.

If you are a defender, hide around your flag or along the border and try to intercept and catch any opposing players who sneak across.

Capture enemy players by tagging them while they are on your side of the border. They then go to jail.

Win by capturing the enemy flag and carrying it back to your side of the border.


When captured you will  be in jail anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes or until rescued. The jail time limit is decided at the beginning of each event based on weather, terrain, amount of players, etc.

Rescue teammates by sneaking across the border, finding the jail, tagging your teammate, then racing back across the border.

Those freed from jail are permitted to walk back to their own territory without being tagged by the opposing team. The same is not true of those who free them.

We'll review principles and tactics, divide into two groups, then spend a few hours running.

Program Details
Location: Knoxville - To Be Determined
Registration Dates:

Now — Jul 2, '15 Regular

Jul 3, '15 — Last Day of Program Late

Event Starts:Friday, July 3, 2015, 07:00 PM
Event Ends:Friday, July 3, 2015, 08:45 PM
Individual Price: Regular $0.00Late $10.00
Team Price: Regular $0.00 per personLate $10.00 per person


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